Laser Hair Removal

Trying to get rid of unwanted hair on the body and face is not very enjoyable. The process involves waxing, shaving, tweezing, or using hair removal creams, which is painful, and time-consuming. The most annoying part is that you have to repeat the same thing all over again in a few days or weeks.


For the MEN and WOMEN, you can put this concern of yours to rest. It’s time that you consider a laser hair removal service from Restoration Lab Med Spa. Our team is composed of highly qualified professionals, using our Cynosure Laser which is a true laser. 

Restoration Lab offers multiple laser treatments for all skin types. Nd:YAG technology with 755nm and 1064 nm wavelengths quickly and effectively treats all skin types while delivering the years of reliable performance for which Cynosure is known.


Additionally, Restoration Lab uses a Zimmer cooling machine for the most advanced and comfortable laser experience!


Is Laser Hair Removal safe?


Laser hair removal is said to be the most effective and safe treatment method. Laser hair removal has been in use for many years. It is totally safe and has no known side effects. However, it may not be 100 percent safe if the treatment is not performed by a trained professional. There are some potential risks involved, so be sure to check the qualification or the credentials of the technician or the doctor before you take the treatment.


Restoration Lab Med Spa highly recommends that you try to stop plucking and waxing for at least six weeks before you get a laser treatment. You should also limit going out in the sun for six weeks of pre and post-treatment. This is because the treatment will not be effective if your skin is exposed to the sun’s light.


What are the benefits of laser hair removal services?


Laser hair removal treatment has many benefits. It is more convenient, time-saving, and prevents many skin related problems. Here are some of the benefits of this treatment.


  • This treatment uses precision guided laser technology, and it will target only the hair follicles and not harm or damage the surrounding skin.
  • The laser hair removal treatment results in permanent hair reduction.
  • Confidently put on your summer clothes and have a great time at the beach.
  • You avoid the cuts and skin damages caused by razors.
  • Saves you money as you don’t have to buy expensive creams and razors.



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Unlimited Packges for Men & Women:

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Pre & Post Treatment Care

Pre-Treatment Care


  • Avoid tanning beds and sunless tanning products to prevent adverse reactions.
  • Avoid sun exposure greater than 30 minutes, even if wearing sunscreen.
  • Treatment area should be clean-shaven 12-24 hours prior to treatment. For best results clients will be rescheduled if not shaven.
  • Skin should be clean and free of lotions, oils and other products so as to not have adverse interactions with the laser.
  • Skin that is sunburned, hot to the touch, peeling or is otherwise damaged cannot be treated.


Post-Treatment Care


  • Mild redness and swelling of the hair follicles may occur (histamine reaction). This is normal and should lessen with time. Avoid picking or scratching the skin. Cool cloths may be applied.
  • Avoid sun exposure, and other sources of UV light for 7 days post treatment. Careful sun exposure of no more than 30 minutes may be resumed from days 7-14 post treatment with daily use of zinc oxide sunscreen (SPF 30+). Avoid tanning beds for 14 days post treatment.
  • Apply a zinc oxide sunscreen (SPF 30+) and use daily throughout treatments.
  • To reduce heat retention, avoid tight clothing, boots, heated seats, etc. The body needs time to cool down after treatments to avoid complications.
  • Avoid activities that increase body temperature for at least 2 hours after treatment, or longer if redness and bumps persists.
  • If redness, swelling or itching continues, an over-the-counter cortisone cream and/or an oral antihistamine (Benadryl) may be used in addition to cool cloths.
  • Do not apply ice directly to the treated areas.

Potential Side Effects

  • The best way to minimize the risk of side effects is to avoid UV exposure for 7 days pre and post-treatment.
  • Avoid sunburns and sunless tanning products and tanning for at least 2 weeks prior to treatment.
  • Clients who are pregnant cannot be treated.
  • We cannot treat over tattoos.
  • Side effects are uncommon but may include: 
    • hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation
    • mild to moderate burns, bumps or blisters
    • temporary redness or swelling and itching in the treated area
    • Rashes, bruising or hives
    • lack of desired results


Follow-up and Expectations

  • After your treatment, the hair may appear to grow for up to the next few weeks. This is simply the treated hair being shed from the follicle, and is not new growth.
  • Shaving is recommended between sessions and is recommended the day prior to your next appointment to minimize discomfort. If these areas are not cleanly shaved, we may not be able to treat them.  
  • Your session typically is scheduled in 4 weeks for facial areas, 6 to 8 weeks for other areas of the body. Adhering to this schedule is important to ensure success of the treatments. 
  •  Electrolysis, waxing, threading, tweezing or sugaring is to be avoided between sessions. 
  • Shaving or trimming of hair may be resumed normally during the duration of treatment.